Summer Time!

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It’s here, it’s really finally truly here!? The sun is out, and it’s not this weak sad little thing peeking at me from out behind the clouds. Vancouver is a great city but sometimes… the rain feels like it’s never ending. And people get CRANKY. Well kids, it’s time to whine about how hot it’s getting. At least people do it with a smile on their face (somewhat).

When I see the sun it makes me happy on a really deep level. It reminds me of being a kid and running around with my friends. Even though we adults have to work in the summer it still brings back those feelings of joy.

I see lots and lots of BBQ’ing in my future. I just bought a brand new shiny stainless steel bbq grill to do just that. The last one (a Centro) I got 2 years ago rusted right out. Seriously? We had the cover on it, what a piece of garbage. My new baby is a Coleman, I figure they MUST know how to make something that’ll withstand the weather properly.